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Septic Tank Maintenance Valleywide

Westwood Pumping Service did a great job when our sewer backed up. Jim arrived as scheduled, quickly found the tank, excavated the lids, snaked the line from the house to the tank to remove the blockage, pumped the tank, cleaned the screen, and put everything back together again in less than an hour and a half. Did an excellent job. The cleanup was perfect; can't even tell they were here. (except we now have indoor plumbing again!) Very professional.

Will definitely be our regular pumping service.

Jeffrey J.

Oh my gosh!!! This company has been the most professional, helpful and reasonable. We had been dealing with a backup in one of our lines and unfortunately we were in Maine at the time. We called another plumber to see if he could fish the line to release the backup which he was willing to do for $200.00. He called us in Maine to tell us it would be another $1,800 as his router didn't find anything. We declined his service and called AAAA Westwood. From the first phone call (which was after hours but they still answered) to the end of their service the very next day, we were absolutely delighted with their professionalism, resourcefulness and ability to not only clean our septic system but to find the clog!

Thank you so much, we will not use any other company in the future.

Corinne D.
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